Shangdong Longli Electronic Co.,Ltd is the high-tech company specializing manufacturing electrical connectors. The company has more than 300 workers which has 46 Senior technical titles,Covers an area of 50 acres and the total assets of 160 million. The Company has won the Shandong Innovative Enterprise, Shandong Patent Star Enterprise,Observing Contact emphasize Credit Enterprise,Shandong “One Enterprise One Technology” innovation Enterprise,Innovation Private Enterprise in Shandong. With a post-doctoral research station and the provincial level engineering technology research center and enterprise technology reseash center reseach innovation platform. In addition, the company has more than 30 Scientific reseeach projects are included in the Science and Technology Ministry and provincial science and technology plan, have won the Shandong Science and Technology Progress Award, Shandong SME Science and Technology Science Progress Award, Linyi City Science anf Technology Progress Award and so on. The company has 51 patents which 7 are the innovation patents.



About us

  • Q series bayonet-style small round connector
  • YLH Series in Bayonet Circular Connector
  • X Series Small Circular Connectors
  • H17 Series circular connectors
  • YD series circular connectorss
  • XS12 series push-pull type circular connectors
  • LSF series plastic waterproof connectors
  • YS series mini-circular connectors
  • FX16-7 type waterproof circular connectors
  • FQ series b ayonet waterproof circular connectors
  • FQN series intemal-bayonet waterproof connectors
  • SFX series unterwater circular connectors
  • MX series gas sealed circular connectors
  • Power sinteredglass leakproof terminal block series
  • MXF senies power cable SF6 leakproof connectors